Non Repairable Title cars from US auctions for export

What does Non Repairable Title mean?


A Non-Repairable Title, also known as a Salvage Title, is a designation given to vehicles that have been severely damaged to the point where they are deemed beyond repair or restoration by insurance companies or state authorities. These vehicles are typically damaged by accidents, floods, fires, or other catastrophic events, rendering them unsafe or impractical to rebuild to roadworthy condition. As a result, they cannot be legally driven on public roads without significant repairs and re-inspection, if allowed at all.


Non Repairable Title: advantages vs disadvantages


Advantages of buying a car with a Non-Repairable Title:

- Lower purchase price:

Non-repairable title cars are typically sold at significantly lower prices compared to vehicles with clean titles, making them more affordable for buyers on a budget.

- Potential for salvage parts:

These vehicles can be a source of valuable salvageable parts for other vehicles, potentially saving money on repairs or maintenance of other vehicles in your fleet.

Disadvantages of buying a car with a Non-Repairable Title:

- Limited resale value:

Due to their damaged nature and salvage title status, these cars often have significantly lower resale value compared to vehicles with clean titles, making it harder to recoup the investment when selling.

- Uncertain history and condition:

Non-repairable title cars may have undergone severe damage, making it challenging to assess their true condition and history accurately. This can lead to unforeseen issues or safety concerns down the line.


Where can I buy a car with a Non Repairable Title?


You can buy cars with Non-Repairable titles mainly at auctions like IAAI and Copart. gathers such vehicles from major US auctions, providing access to over 6,000 Salvage title cars for online purchase without needing a dealer license.


How can I buy a car with a Non Repairable Title?


To buy a car with a Non-Repairable Title on, follow these steps:

1. Register on the website.

2. Make a deposit of 10% or a minimum of $600 of the planned bid.

3. Browse the available cars with Non-Repairable Titles.

4. Place a bid on the car you're interested in.

5. If your bid wins, complete the payment process and arrange for the delivery of the car.

Auto4Export offers a user-friendly platform for purchasing vehicles with Non-Repairable Titles, providing customers with access to a wide range of options and assistance throughout the buying process.


How to choose a car with a Non Repairable Title?


When choosing a car with a Non-Repairable Title from an auction, it's important to pay attention to the following:

1. Inspect the vehicle thoroughly for any visible damage or signs of previous accidents.

2. Verify the vehicle's history and title status to understand the reason for the Non-Repairable Title.

3. Consider seeking assistance from Auto4export experts who can provide guidance and help you select a reliable car despite its Non-Repairable Title status.


Is it possible to export a car with a Non Repairable Title from the USA?


Yes, it is possible to export a car with a Non-Repairable Title from the USA, but certain regulations and restrictions may apply depending on the destination country.