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4 Easy Steps to Purchase Your Car

If you’re buying a car for the first time, it can be intimidating, to be sure. You want to make the best decision possible because you’re going to be spending ample time in this vehicle, not to mention the obvious financial investment you’re making. But after this 5-minute read, you’ll see the process of buying a car doesn’t have to be so stressful.

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After registering, you will receive an automated message with a link to complete registration. To ensure that your registration is approved, it is important that you provide us with a valid email address and correct phone numberв. By registering at, you are agreeing with our Terms of Use.


You must make a REFUNDABLE deposit on your account at before you are able to use the BID or BUY NOW functions to purchase vehicles. The minimum deposit amount required to get started is greater than $600.00 or 10% of the transaction amount (BID/BUY NOW price).




Once you have been named the highest bid on a vehicle and the sale is confirmed, you will receive a notification containing the invoice for your purchase.

The invoice will include the following:

  • Final bid price

  • Auction fees

  • Domestic and export transportation fees

  • Service fee

  • Mailing fee

Our fee is $295 for vehicles under $3,000 and $395 or 3% for vehicles above $3,000

Invoice payments can be paid by only Direct Deposit/Wire Transfer, which goes directly into our banking account.

Please note that a $45.00 transaction fee will be applied to all international Wire Transfers.



We provide an extensive listing of vehicles available for sale in the US, featuring a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, vans, bikes, ATVs, trucks, and more. Thousands of cars are added to our database every day. You can search through the wide variety of vehicles that we offer to find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for your dream car, a van that will be perfect for your family, a heavy-duty truck, or something to add excitement to your life, searching through our database is the first step in connecting you with the vehicle you desire.


When you are interested in purchasing a vehicle, you will submit a pre-bid. The highest bid for a vehicle in the pre-bidding round will be transferred to the live auction. For example, you can place your maximum bid at $9,000 and if your bid was the highest bid of the pre-bidding round, it will be submitted at the live auction.Your deposit in this case should be $900.



The shipping process will begin once the full payment for the purchased vehicle is cleared on our bank account. Many buyers choose to take advantage of the affordable transportation service we offer, which has proven to be reliable and efficient. You can calculate and compare service costs by visiting Shipping Calculator.

It is typically advisable to take the vehicle to the closest shipment port; however, many prefer for the vehicle to be taken to the busiest port for shipments as the transportation costs can be significantly lower.

The total delivery time varies anywhere from a day to a week, depending on the location of the dealer or auction site. After the vehicle has been successfully delivered to our warehouse, you will receive additional information and pictures of your car.


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