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Payment : Once you have been named the highest bid on a vehicle and the sale is confirmed, you will receive a notification containing the invoice for your purchase. The invoice will include the following: auction fees, domestic and export transportation fees, service fee, mailing fee, our fee is $195 for vehicles under $2000 and $295 for vehicles over $2000.​Documents and mailing fee is 50$.

Complete payment is required on next day of sale date due to the late payment fee of $50 or 2% (whichever is greater) of sale cost. All payments should be completed through wire transfer in US dollars only. No other forms of payment will be accepted.

The electronic invoice will include all of the necessary bank information in order to complete the wire transfer. Consult your bank’s policies prior to wiring funds to determine what fees apply. International customers may incur an additional fee from an intermediary bank along with the fee from the originating bank. Please take these fees into consideration before making a purchase.

Late payment fee:

The buyer will be charged a late fee of $50 or 2% (whichever is greater) of sale cost if the payment for a vehicle(s) is not received on next day of the sale date. This fee will be assessed separately on each item purchased.

In such case that payment is not completed within 5 days of the sale, the buyer’s deposit will be forfeited, and Auto4Export will retain the right to re-list the vehicle.

For international customers or others who may find difficulty paying within a restricted timeframe, it is suggested to pre-pay the full amount of the purchase prior to making a bid.

Storage fee

A storage fee of $40 per day will be assessed to all buyers who delay picking up their vehicle beyond 3 calendar days of the purchase date. We guarantee that you will not be responsible for any vehicle storage fees as long as your invoice for vehicle purchase and shipping charges is paid in full and on time.

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After you have won a vehicle you will get email with link to sign  Bill of Sale and a Statement of facts. Also, you need to upload your valid Photo Identification or a copy of your Passport.

The buyer will receive all available documentation for the vehicle that they purchased. These documents will vary based on the type of vehicle. This may include a salvage certificate if that is what the vehicle comes to an auction with. If a vehicle has both a certificate of destruction and a bill of sale, the buyer will only receive the bill of sale. All documentation will be transferred or reassigned to the buyer.




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