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Start Buying Auction Vehicles in Four Simple Steps


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  • - Register
  • - Make a deposit

After registering, you will receive an automated message with a link to complete registration. To ensure that your registration is approved, it is important that you provide us with a valid email address and correct phone numbers. By registering at, you are agreeing with our Terms of Use.

There is NO registration fee.

You must make a REFUNDABLE deposit on your account at before you are able to use the BID or BUY NOW functions to purchase vehicles. The minimum deposit amount required to get started is greater than $600.00 or 10% of the transaction amount (BID/BUY NOW price).

The deposit is required as a good faith gesture to show that the buyer is sincere and honest about the purchase he or she is making.

Deposits can be made via PayPal (Visa/MasterCard capable) or paid by Direct Deposit/Wire Transfer, which goes directly into our banking account.

Example: If you want to place a  bid on two separate vehicles at once, your security deposit must be at least $800.00. This amount allows the buyer to place a bid of up to $4,000.00 for each vehicle. If the buyer wishes to place a higher bid, the security deposit must be increased so that it contains a minimum of 10% of the total amount bidded for both vehicles. For example, if a buyer plans to bid $5,000.00 for one vehicle and $6,000.00 for another vehicle, the total deposit amount required to place the bid would be $1,100.00 ($500.00 for the first vehicle and $600.00 for the second). The deposit requirement applies to all transactions regardless of how many vehicles are being bidded on.

If a buyer places a BID or BUY NOW request and is not successful, the security deposit can be used to bid or purchase another vehicle or can be refunded to the buyer upon your request.

**Note: The security deposit cannot be used towards the partial or full purchase of a vehicle. The deposit is fully refundable at any time upon the buyer’s request if there are no incomplete transactions or pending payments on the buyer’s account.

IMPORTANT: Account cancellation will be accompanied by a full refund of the buyer’s security deposit. A minimum deposit of $400.00 must be kept on a buyer’s account at all times to keep an account inactive status. However, buyers are entitled to partial refunds at their request.

YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT AT ANY TIME. Please note that a $45.00 transaction fee will be applied to all  international Wire Transfers.

**NOTE: Buyers that prefer to purchase in lots or bulk are able to receive open direct access to Insurance Auto Auction under our license. You need to make a deposit for direct access (10% of transaction price but not less than $1,000.00 and $75.00 non-refundable annual fee) and send a copy of your valid Photo Identification or a copy of your Passport to our Customer Service department at [email protected] You may also fax the copy to +14047458584.



  • - Find your car
  • - Place a bid

We provide an extensive listing of vehicles available for sale in the US, featuring a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, vans, bikes, ATVs, trucks, and more. Thousands of cars are added to our database every day. You can search through the wide variety of vehicles that we offer to find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for your dream car, a van that will be perfect for your family, a heavy-duty truck, or something to add excitement to your life, searching through our database is the first step in connecting you with the vehicle you desire.

When you are interested in purchasing a vehicle, you will submit a pre-bid. The highest bid for a vehicle in the pre-bidding round will be transferred to the live auction. For example, you can place your maximum bid at $9,000 and if your bid was the highest bid of the pre-bidding round, it will be submitted at the live auction. You will be named the winner of the auction if your bid is the highest at the live sale and meets the seller reserve. It is possible to win the auction for lower than your maximum bid price if the seller reserve price is lower than your maximum bid and no one outbid you during the live auction. For instance, if your maximum bid is $10,000 and the seller reserve price is $6,000, you could potentially win the vehicle for thousands less than your maximum bid, depending on the other bids for that vehicle at the live auction. Your maximum bid will remain anonymous unless it is outbid.

The actual price you pay may be lower than your maximum bid if you are the highest bidder. This depends on the seller’s reserve price and the other bids that the auction receives. For instance, if the seller’s reserve is set at $3,000 and your maximum bid is $5,000, you will be able to purchase the vehicle for $3,000 as long as nobody bids against you.

All bids are binding upon submission and cannot be withdrawn or decreased. If you win an auction with the highest bid, you are required to remit payment in full or forfeit your security deposit. It is crucial to ensure that the bid amount and the vehicle that you are bidding on is confirmed before you submit your bid in order to avoid inadvertently bidding higher than you intended or on the incorrect vehicle. If the reserve price is not met, the vehicle may still be sold to the highest bidder at the seller’s discretion.

BUY NOW FEATURE: Certain vehicles are available to be purchased immediately through the “Buy Now” feature. If you wish to buy a vehicle at the listed price, you can do so through this convenient option. Upon taking advantage of the “Buy Now” feature, an email confirmation of the purchase will be sent to you and the vehicle will be yours. It is important to note that these sales are still subject to auction fees. Please consult the auction fee calculator prior to making a purchase.

Professional Report

Professional reports and additional pictures are available for additional fee.




  • - Pay for your car
  • - Sign up paperwork

Payment: Once you have been named the highest bid on a vehicle and the sale is confirmed, you will receive a notification containing the invoice for your purchase.
The invoice will include the following:
Final bid price
Auction fees
Domestic and export transportation fees
Service fee
Mailing fee TEST

Our fee is $295 for vehicles under $3,000, $395 for vehicles in the range from $3,001 to $13,150, and 3% for vehicles over $13,151.
Documentation and mailing fee is $99.

Complete payment is required on the next day of the sale date due to the late payment fee of $50 or 2% (whichever is greater) of the sale cost. All payments should be completed through wire transfer in US dollars only. No other forms of payment will be accepted.

The electronic invoice will include all of the necessary bank information in order to complete the wire transfer. Consult your bank’s policies prior to wiring funds to determine what fees apply. International customers may incur an additional fee from an intermediary bank along with the fee from the originating bank. Please take these fees into consideration before making a purchase.

Late payment fee:

The buyer will be charged a late fee of $50 or 2% (whichever is greater) of sale cost if the payment for a vehicle(s) is not received on next day of the sale date. This fee will be assessed separately on each item purchased.

In such case that payment is not completed within 5 days of the sale, the buyer’s deposit will be forfeited, and Auto4Export will retain the right to re-list the vehicle.

For international customers or others who may find difficulty paying within a restricted timeframe, it is suggested to pre-pay the full amount of the purchase prior to making a bid.

Storage fee

A storage fee of $40 per day will be assessed to all buyers who delay picking up their vehicle beyond 3 calendar days of the purchase date. We guarantee that you will not be responsible for any vehicle storage fees as long as your invoice for vehicle purchase and shipping charges is paid in full and on time.

Fees Calculator


After you have won a vehicle you will get an email with a link to sign the Bill of Sale and a Statement of facts. Also, you need to upload your valid Photo Identification or a copy of your Passport.

The buyer will receive all available documentation for the vehicle that they purchased. These documents will vary based on the type of vehicle. This may include a salvage certificate if that is what the vehicle comes to an auction with. If a vehicle has both a certificate of destruction and a bill of sale, the buyer will only receive the bill of sale. All documentation will be transferred or reassigned to the buyer.






  • - Ship
  • - Receive and enjoy!

Shipping: The shipping process will begin once the full payment for the purchased vehicle is cleared on our bank account. Many buyers choose to take advantage of the affordable transportation service we offer, which has proven to be reliable and efficient. You can calculate and compare service costs by visiting Shipping Calculator.

It is typically advisable to take the vehicle to the closest shipment port; however, many prefer for the vehicle to be taken to the busiest port for shipments as the transportation costs can be significantly lower.

The total delivery time varies anywhere from a day to a week, depending on the location of the dealer or auction site. After the vehicle has been successfully delivered to our warehouse, you will receive additional information and pictures of your car.

The loading time of the vehicle is dependent on several factors, including the available ship space and the current workload on the shipment port.

You will receive the container number in which your car is travelling and further information about the ship after your vehicle has been successfully loaded, in order to track the progress of the delivery online.

We will handle all of the documentation in USA or Canada. The vehicle’s original title will be sent to USA or Canada Customs, and will be sent to you by express courier mail services once it has cleared. You will be notified by email or phone call about the expected date of arrival. You will need to bring your Identification and original title with you when receiving the car in your home port.

Further details about our delivery process can be found on our website’s Shipping Process page.

You will receive the original title deed of the car along with other related documents that confirm the purchase of the vehicle in your name after the ship holding your vehicle container has departed from the United States port. These documents will sufficiently allow you to unload the car in the port, pass the customs clearance, complete the registration, and transport the vehicle into your country.

Upon completion of this final step, you will be the owner of a car from the United States.

Although this information details the general process of purchasing a car from the US, you must remember that every individual order is unique and may encounter special circumstances. We are available to answer any questions you may have about this process. If you are looking for further information, feel free to contact our team.

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