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Registration (3)

How do I register?

 You can easily register by submitting all of the required information on the registration page. You will also be required to upload a copy of your driver’s license or passport following your first purchase.

What is the membership fee for joining Auto4Export?

  There are no membership fees associated with becoming a member of Auto4Export! it's FREE.

What types of identification are required and how should I submit them?

It is not required for you to send any information during the registration process; however, after you made a purchase, you will need to upload a copy of your passport or any other acceptable major identification document to My Account/Documetns menu. Or you can email it to [email protected] or fax to 404-745-8584.  

Documents (3)

Is it possible to purchase a vehicle from you and register it in the US?

Yes, purchased vehicles can be registered in the United States as long as as ownership documents vehicle is sold with allow to do so. Please make yourself aware of any guidelines or requirements for this before you make a purchase.  

Why it takes so long to receive title from a dealer or from an auction?

It usually takes around five to ten days to get the title from an auction or  a dealer. A seller has a thirty days rule during which he can provide the title of the car to the auction. If the car was under finance, the bank will hold the title of the car for the seller.  

What does a salvage title mean?

 It is a certificate issued to a vehicle when its repair costs go up to 75 percent of the vehicles market value. This is also done when the repairs on the cars are deemed unfeasible by insurance companies.  

Deposit (5)

Why is a deposit required?

The deposit confirms your sincere interest in making a purchase. 

How much will I have to pay for a security deposit?

 The security deposit is either $600 or 10% of the maximum intended bid for the vehicle, whichever is greater. Each vehicle requires its own security deposit, so if you would like to bid on multiple lots at once, please keep this in mind. Security deposits must be paid before you can participate at an auction.

Is it possible to get a refund of my security deposit?

You may request for your security deposit to be refunded at any time prior to making a purchase. If you do win an auction but fail to complete the purchase for any reason, then your security deposit will be forfeited and cannot be refunded.

How long will it to take to get my security deposit refunded?

Time frame for the deposit refund depends on your financial organization amd might take anywhere from 1 to 14 business days. There will be a $25 transaction fee to refund security deposits via international wire transfer .  

Can I use my security deposit as a partial payment for my purchase?

No, any or all of your security deposit may not be applied towards your vehicle purchase. The deposit funds will be held until your purchase is paid for in full and retrieved from the auction facility. Then, you may either use the security deposit for a different auction or request a refund.  

Search (3)

Where I can search for particular vehicle?

Please go to search menu and choose type,make,model and year of a vehicle you are looking for.

Is it possible for me to send your company a link for a car that I am interested in so that you could take care of the buying and shipping process for me?

Yes, we will be happy to help you get the car that you are interested in.You need to place a deposit of $600 or 10% of the asking price. Please send us the link and confirm your commitment to buy the car and we will make arrangements from there.

If I am unable to find the specific car that I am looking for on your site, can I make a request to order a car?

Yes, you can fill out a car order form with your desired make, model, color, year and options and we will search through millions of United States and Canadian listings to locate the perfect car for you.

Bidding (8)

How do you handle my bid/offer?

 When you submit a bid or offer through the website, we will either submit your bid in the auction or submit your offer to the appropriate party, such as a dealer, bank, insurance company, etc.

If I am the highest bidder, does that mean I will win the auction?

 Not necessarily. Being the highest bidder at an auction on our website means that we will submit your bid in the vehicle’s auction. If the car that you bid on is in a live auction, there might be floor bidders and USA car dealers that could potentially outbid you to win the vehicle. Please note that foreign bidders are often willing to bid higher than United States or Canadian dealers because of the high cost of vehicle repairs in those countries. If the vehicle is not up for an auction, but instead is being sold by a bank, insurance company, car dealer, or salvage yard, the highest bid will be submitted to the seller for approval. The highest bidder wins the car only  if seller approves the bid. This is why we stress the importance of placing reasonable bids, so as not to waste anybody’s time.

What auction fees should I expect?

Although auction fees vary depending on the type of auction and the selling price, most fall within the range of US$200-$800. 

How is a “Buy Now” option different from an auction?

 Vehicles that have a “buy now” option do not require bids and can be purchased immediately at the fixed advertised price.

If I purchase a “Buy Now” vehicle, do I still have to pay auction fees?

Yes, auction fees are still required for “buy now” vehicles, although the fees are typically lower for these purchases than for live sale vehicles.

I changed my mind. How can I cancel my “Buy Now” purchase or my bid?

Although it is not possible to cancel a bid once it has been submitted, you may be able to cancel a bid prior to an auction starting. In this case, you will need to contact our sales department as quickly as possible to see if it is not too late to cancel your bid. You will not be able to cancel a “buy now” transaction for any reason.

Why did we not win the auction even though we had the highest bid?

Your bid is less than the minimum price set by the buyer.

How is the price estimate for a damaged vehicle done?

 As a rule, auctions that sell damaged vehicles do not post any information about their sold damaged cars therefore it can be a little tricky to determine the exact cost of a damaged car. It can vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on the level of damage done. The greater the damage, the lesser will be the cost of the car since the repair costs will be high. If you are trying to estimate the price of a damaged vehicle, you should consider the following factors:а vehicle with a salvage title costs around 30% less than a car with a clean title and deployed air bags, a mileage above 100K and engine damage will reduce the cars price as much as 40%.

Vehicle (5)

What factors determine the cost of a used vehicle in the United States?

The most important factors that determine the cost of the car are its present condition and mileage. A car that has been driven 100K miles will generally cost 10-15% less than a car that has been driven around 70K miles.

What additional information can you provide about a vehicle I want to bid on?

The information provided about the lot on the page is the only thing you will get to see when you have to choose which car to buy. You can order proffesional report from third party.

Can you supply spare parts for the purchased vehicle?

 Yes, we can provide an extensive range of spare parts for your vehicle.  

Is the cost in the repairs cost the actual cost of the repairs?

This price is usually determined by companies keeping in mind that the repair has to be carried out by an authorized dealer whose prices start at 100-150 dollars.

Is it a good deal to buy a flood damaged or water damaged vehicle?

It is somewhat difficult to provide a direct answer to that. There is a very real possibility that the cost of repairs will exceed the value of the vehicle. The damage depends on a variety of factors like the flooding level, whether the engine was penetrated or not, was it sea water or fresh water and did the engine seize up or not as a result of this. These cars can be quite profitable if you buy them for using their spare parts.  

Payment (6)

What is the maximum timeline for making the payment after the vehicle has been purchased?

You are given one day to make a complete payment for a purchased vehicle; however, in order to avoid any late fees or penalties, you are strongly encouraged to complete your payment the same day that you make a successful purchase.Complete payment is due the next day after the auction.Late payment fee of 50$ or 2% (whichever is greater) of sale cost is imposed after that. Please consult your bank to find out how long their process is for completing wire transfers.  

What options do I have for making payments?

 Vehicles can only be paid through bank wire transfers.Upon winning the auction you will receive email with invoice and information for wire transfer or direct deposit.

What adds up to find the overall cost of the purchased vehicle?

You will invoice which includes cost of the car, auction fees, delivery fees to the warehouse, shipping fees your port, Auto4Export services and mail  Fees.  

How much does cost your services?

If the vehicle you want to buy is under $2500, our fee is $245. For vehicles above $2500 to $15000, our fee is $295 and 2% for vehicles above $15,000, but no more than $700. Documentation and mailing fee is a flat rate of $75 for US clients, $99 for International clients.

I paid the full amount listed on the invoice. Why do I now have to pay more?

This could be due to a few different reasons. If you paid the complete invoice amount, but did not pay within the required time frame, you need to pay a late fee of $50 or 2% of the purchase price (whichever is greater) per day. If you had a past due invoice for a previous purchase, all or part of your payment will be applied first to the previous invoice. Also, if you failed to pick up your vehicle within the set amount of time you may have assessed a $25 per day storage fee.  

What penalties should I expect if my money is not received within the required time?

 If we do not receive full payment next day of your purchase, you will be assessed a late fee ranging from $50 or 2%  of the purchase price (whichever is greater), starting on the second day after the purchase. We will also request a copy of payment confirmation and the contact information of the sending bank. If neither payment nor payment confirmation is received within five days of the purchase, we reserve the right to relist the vehicle and you will be required to pay either $400 or 10% of the cost of the car (whichever is greater) as a relist fee.

Transportation (20)

How long does it take the vehicle to be moved from the auction to the shipment port?

Depending on the location of the auction site, this process can take  from three to ten days.  

What is the total cost for delivering a vehicle to any part in the United States or the desired sea port?

You can get estimate shipping rates by using our instant shipping cost calculator.

From what ports do you ship vehicles?

  Our company ship vehicles from major  port such as  New Jersey, Savannah, Miami, Seattle,Texas,Atlanta, Los Angeles  and Canada.  

Which USA sea-port is preferred for the shipment of vehicles?

In many cases, the port located closest to the location of the vehicle should be used for reducing total transportation cost. Sometimes we deliver vehicle to the port with high shipping volume to your country.

After the vehicle has been delivered to the warehouse, how long will it take for vehicle to be loaded into a container?

As soon as we receive  the original title for the vehicle from auction or dealership, it will take five to ten business days.However estimated loading time of the vehicle depends on a variety of factors like the availability of space on the ship or in a container, the congestion at the sea port and the consolidation availability in the required direction.  

How long does sea delivery take after the ship has taken off?

Depending on the location of the delivery port, the time could vary. You can track the estimated arrival dates of your shipment online.  

How can container be tracked?

Once the vehicle has been loaded into the container, you will be provided with the container number as well as the steam ship line name and link to the website where you can track estimated date of arrival of the container.  

Can I ship personal stuff and replacement parts in my vehicle?

You can ship your personal belongings at your own risk while we don’t allow any other parts on the ship that might be flammable, toxic or kept under high pressure.  

If I purchased a car on my own can you still help me with its delivery?

Yes, we provide exclusive transport services for your vehicle. Get in touch with us right now and we will arrange transportation of your vehicle.

How do I know whether the vehicle will arrive on the estimated date?

We strongly recommend contacting your local agent, whose contacts appear on your Bill of Lading. Also, you can track the vehicle’s location on our website.  

Can you guarantee the exact date of vehicle arrival?

No. All dates are estimated as delays may occur due to the weather conditions or Customs formalities.  

Is your company responsible for the additional damage that might occur during delivery?

Unfortunately, all vehicles are loaded and unloaded by independent companies, not by ShipNDrive. That is why we are not responsible for the additional damage and strongly recommend insuring the transported vehicle. You can insure the vehicle when placing the order for 1.5 % of the vehicle’s cost. If the insured vehicle had been damaged, the insurance company will compensate your losses; in case the uninsured vehicle is damaged, all the responsibility rests with you.  

Does Auto4Export transport oversized vehicles such as boats or construction units?

Yes, we do. Oversized vehicles are loaded by the RORO method (Roll on, Roll off). Rates typically depend on the vehicle’s size, port of loading and port of destination.  

How many vehicles can be transported in one container?

Typically, ShipNDrive uses 40’HC containers that can stow 4 small or 3 medium-size cars.  

Is the vehicle insured when transported internationally?

No. Vehicle insurance is optional and is paid separately. Typically, the vehicle can be insured for 1.5 % of its declared cost. To learn more about international vehicle insurance, please, contact us.  

What does consolidation mean?

Consolidation is the process of gathering vehicles from various forwarders by one company (ShipNDrive in our case) in the port of loading. The vehicles are then transported on the basis of a joint document.

What is RO-RO method shipment?

RO-RO stands for roll on, roll off. Special vessels are used to carry various types of vehicles, which are being loaded and unloaded on their own wheels. These vessels have built-in ramps that allow transport to be rolled on and off the vessel.An alternative to RO-RO is LO-LO method. LO-LO means that cranes are used to load and unload vehicles.

Is it cheaper to use RO-RO method or to transport vehicles in a container?

When it comes to transporting vehicles from the USA, transportation in a container tends to be cheaper. However, if you plan to ship the vehicle to an unpopular location or if the vehicle is oversized, you should consider using RO-RO.  

What are the required essential documents for international car shipping?

 We need the Original Certificate of Title for the vehicle to ship vehicle from the United States.  

Where will the documents be sent after the ship has departed?

The documents will be shipped to your chosen address or the port agent at the chosen destination.  

Receiving (2)

Which documents are essential for receiving my vehicle at the destination point?

After the vessel has departed from the United States, you will be sent the original title for the vehicle along with its bill of sale and other transport documents. These documents will be enough to bring the vehicle into your country.  

How do I get my vehicle after it has arrived at the port?

You should get in touch with your port agent whose details will be provided in the bill of landing document we sent you. The agent will organize the process of unloading the vehicles and will provide additional documents if required.