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Shipping process

How to export cars from USA? 

Auto4Export makes car shipping smooth and hassle-free!

Once full payment for a vehicle has been made to our bank account, we will begin the shipping process:

1. Delivery to the loading warehouse

We pick your vehicle up from US auto auction or dealership and deliver it to our shipping (loading) warehouse. The timeframe for the delivery to warehouse depends on the location of the auction or dealership where your vehicle was bought. Usually, it takes 2-7 business days.

Container shipment: Usually we deliver your vehicle to the nearest warehouse to cut expenses on inland transportation. In some cases, we might transport the vehicle to the farther port which however has a higher shipping volume to your desired destination

RORO shipment: We will check on the vessel's schedule from the closest port and prepare all paperwork. The vehicle will be delivered directly to the port and loaded on a vessel.

Note: For RoRo Shipping vehicle should be in running condition.

As soon as your vehicle reaches the warehouse, you will get additional pictures of you vehicle.

We have fully operating loading warehouses located in Atlanta, Savannah, Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, Texas, and Canada.

2. Container Loading and Vehicle Shipping

After receiving a title for the vehicle, we’ll consolidate the container, do all necessary paperwork, and load vehicles. Your vehicle will be loaded into a 40 feet high cube container which fits 3-4 vehicles depending on their size.

Note: In some cases, there could be delays in title receives. Auctions and dealerships have 30 days to provide us with the title for the vehicle.

Once loaded, the container will be transported to the port of export, and paperwork for the container will be submitted to the US Customs.

After clearing with the customs documents are sent back to our office and the container is loaded onto the vessel.

Upon vessel’s sailing, you will receive container number and a link to the web page where you can track position of the vessel and its arrival date to the destination port. You will also receive all important documents for you vehicle such as the Title, Bill of Sale, Bill of Lading.

You will be required to have those documents with you when picking up your vehicle upon arrival as well as when registering it vehicle in your state or country.

Note: Auto4export is not responsible for Customs inspection fees, demurrage, storage or any other fees associated with Customs exams.

3. Receiving your Vehicle

We are cooperating with different port agents in various countries across the world and can assist you in unloading and document processing in ports of destination. You will need to coordinate with port agents and present all necessary documents for Customs clearance and vehicle receiving.

Getting your vehicle from Auto4Export is easy and efficient. With various transportation options, security, and assistance we provide Auto4Export certainly make shopping for vehicles from USA a worthwhile experience.