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Privacy policy

Bid N Drive Inc respects the individual privacy of its users. This Privacy Policy is our commitment to protection of your individual privacy by adhering to fair information practices.
We use your information for monitoring our internal operations and improving them and for ensuring that you are accurately billed and that your account is administered as per our agreements with you.
The information we collect from you is stored securely on our systems which have been designed for preventing the misuse, loss, destruction, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access of the information.
Certain information may be shared with vendors that are responsible for handling the account or for performing services which have been requested. Though we may share your financial information and personal communications with these vendors if appropriate and necessary, we do not share this information with third parties unless in response to any discovery request or when requested by you in criminal or civil proceedings if they are not objectionable in our sole discretion and when a formal request has been made in the form of a court order or subpoena in connection with criminal or civil proceedings in association to the services that we offer or when requested by a law enforcement agency when we suspect that your agent or you has been using the services for causing damage or harm to others or to us.
When you purchase any of our services you get the consent to, and the protection of the practices which have been described here in the Privacy Policy for data processing. When you purchase these services you will also represent that you have given notice to and have received consent from the third party whose personal information you provide us with respect to (i) purpose for which the personal data of the third party is collected, (ii) which data of the third party is obligatory and which, if any, is voluntary, (iii) the intended categories or recipients or recipients of the personal data of the third party, (iv) how this third party can access and rectify, if necessary, the data that is held.
Other than the privacy protections that we offer, our business partners, agents and employees are responsible independently for ensuring compliance with the Privacy Policy, as stated below.