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Inland Transportation

We have a wide range of experience working across the US territory which has enabled us to make contact with many vehicle carriers. We have the resources to make sure that all your domestically purchased equipment will be moved safely and at affordable rates.

We provide transportation services from any US dealership and auto auctions: Copart, Manheim, OVE, IAAI, Adesa and TRA Auction etc.

Inland transportation refers to movement of goods to and from the port. The inland transportation occurs using multiple modes of transportation i.e. truck, rail, barge, and air.  Some freight service providers offer dedicated inland freight services while others combine inland freight with ocean freight to provide complete freight transportation services.

Combination of inland and ocean freight services expedites the shipments and brings efficiency in shipment transactions. It allows the freight shipping companies to deliver or transport the freight at the nearest terminal, port, or rail ramp thus reducing overall cost of shipment. A number of inland freight service providers also offer storage and warehouse facilities for storing the goods at the port. This service is especially useful for inland vehicle transportation.  

Inland freight service provider's transport is used for car shipping within the U.S. Before pinning down an inland auto transport service provider, you should ensure that it has the required expertise and experience to provide reliable and efficient services. Following are some of the qualities that you should look for when selecting an inland transport service company.

1. Open channel of communication. When transporting goods inland, it is important that the freight service provider keeps the communication line open. Good inland transport service providers offer accurate tracking system for real time tracking of the goods. This ensures maximum safety of goods as they move from the point of origin to the destination. It also gives you a piece of mind and assurance that the goods will arrive on time without delay or damage.

2. Highly organized documentation process. Another hallmark of good inland transport service provider is that they offer organized documentation process. A good inland transporter will offer accurate car hauling and vehicle transportation documentation. This is important in freight forwarding as any mistake in documentation can result in wrong delivery of the cargo or charging of extra amount for the freight service. Organized and efficient documentation also prevents delays and ensures that the cargo arrives at the right destination at the right time.

3. Proper handling of goods. A good inland freight service provider knows proper procedure to handle goods during transport. The service provider uses reliable and efficient packing systems and containers especially for fragile goods. When selecting a freight service provider, you should ensure that it has required knowledge and experience in proper handling of the cargo. 

4. Reliable Network of Forwarding Agents and Customs Brokers. Another important quality of freight forwarder is having a network of reliable and experienced forwarding agents and custom brokers. This will ensure that the information regarding the shipment flows back and forth seamlessly thus avoiding delays and stoppages.

5. Insurance coverage. Lastly, the inland freight service provider should offer a high level of cargo insurance. Insurance coverage is needed to compensate for the loss in case of damages due to accidents or other mishaps during transportation.

On a final note, the freight service provider should offer the best and highly professional inland transport service. It should provide 24/7 emergency services to address any issues that arise during transportation. And most importantly, the inland freight service provider should match your business requirements and budget as well.