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Inland Transportation

We have a wide range of experience working across the US territory which has enabled us to make contact with many vehicle carriers. We have the resources to make sure that all your domestically purchased equipment will be moved safely and at affordable rates.

We provide transportation services from any US dealership and auto auctions: Copart, Manheim, OVE, IAAI, Adesa and TRA Auction etc.

Inland transportation refers to movement of goods to and from the port. The inland transportation occurs using multiple modes of transportation i.e. truck, rail, barge, and air.  Some freight service providers offer dedicated inland freight services while others combine inland freight with ocean freight to provide complete freight transportation services.

Combination of inland and ocean freight services expedites the shipments and brings efficiency in shipment transactions. It allows the freight shipping companies to deliver or transport the freight at the nearest terminal, port, or rail ramp thus reducing overall cost of shipment. A number of inland freight service providers also offer storage and warehouse facilities for storing the goods at the port. This service is especially useful for inland vehicle transportation.  

Inland freight service provider's transport is used for car shipping within the U.S. Before pinning down an inland auto transport service provider, you should ensure that it has the required expertise and experience to provide reliable and efficient services. Following are some of the qualities that you should look for when selecting an inland transport service company.

1. Open channel of communication. When transporting goods inland, it is important that the freight service provider keeps the communication line open. Good inland transport service providers offer accurate tracking system for real time tracking of the goods. This ensures maximum safety of goods as they move from the point of origin to the destination. It also gives you a piece of mind and assurance that the goods will arrive on time without delay or damage.

2. Highly organized documentation process. Another hallmark of good inland transport service provider is that they offer organized documentation process. A good inland transporter will offer accurate car hauling and vehicle transportation documentation. This is important in freight forwarding as any mistake in documentation can result in wrong delivery of the cargo or charging of extra amount for the freight service. Organized and efficient documentation also prevents delays and ensures that the cargo arrives at the right destination at the right time.

3. Proper handling of goods. A good inland freight service provider knows proper procedure to handle goods during transport. The service provider uses reliable and efficient packing systems and containers especially for fragile goods. When selecting a freight service provider, you should ensure that it has required knowledge and experience in proper handling of the cargo. 

4. Reliable Network of Forwarding Agents and Customs Brokers. Another important quality of freight forwarder is having a network of reliable and experienced forwarding agents and custom brokers. This will ensure that the information regarding the shipment flows back and forth seamlessly thus avoiding delays and stoppages.

5. Insurance coverage. Lastly, the inland freight service provider should offer a high level of cargo insurance. Insurance coverage is needed to compensate for the loss in case of damages due to accidents or other mishaps during transportation.

On a final note, the freight service provider should offer the best and highly professional inland transport service. It should provide 24/7 emergency services to address any issues that arise during transportation. And most importantly, the inland freight service provider should match your business requirements and budget as well.



Container Shipping

Container Shipping Service and Rates

Our extensive list of contacts with licensed operators such as Freight Forwarders and NVOCC allows us to provide the highest quality services to our clients.

We have full cooperation from loading warehouses located in Atlanta, Savannah, Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey,Texas and Canada.

Our experience will guarantee a safe and secure transportation service.We have cooperation with different port agents in various countries across the world and will assist you in unloading and documents processing.

The rules and bylaws regarding international shipment of  vehicles are slightly different from shipment of general cargo.  U.S. and foreign customs consider any vehicle to be a motorized vehicle if it requires a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) registration. Vehicles that are regarded as  vehicles include:

  • ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles),
  • Automobiles,
  • Boats,
  • Jet skis,
  • Mopeds,
  • Motorcycles, and
  • Trucks

Overseas freight service providers provide two alternatives to carry motorized vehicles

  1. Ocean container or Lift-on Lift-off (Lo Lo) Shipping Service
  2. Roll-on Roll-off (Ro Ro) Shipping Service

In this blog, we will provide you information about shipment of vehicles from the U.S. in containers.

Shipment of Motorized Vehicles in Containers: An Overview

Shipment of vehicles is the most popular and least expensive way to ship a  vehicle. Motorized vehicles are placed inside the containers and then loaded onto the ocean going vessels using cranes. Shipping  vehicles in containers may be the only option if they are to be delivered to the port of departure and transported away from the destination port using road transport i.e.  rail or trucks.

Ocean vessels that carry vehicles in containers are known as Lo Lo (Lift On/Lift Off) vessels. The reason they are called Lo Lo vessels is because the load is lifted on and off the vehicle using cranes.

Motorized vehicles are placed and secured inside multimodal freight containers in two ways.

a. Shipping a Single Motorized Vehicle in a Container

High value  vehicles are usually shipped using this option. Shipping a single vehicle in a container minimizes the chance of damage during transportation. It increases the probability that the vehicle arrives at its destination safely and securely without any dents, scratches and other vehicle damage. 

b. Shipping Multiple Motorized Vehicles in a Container

Another option for international shipping of motorized vehicles is by placing more than one vehicle inside the multimodal freight container. The consolidated cars may belong to different owners or to the same owner. An advantage of shipping  vehicles, consolidated with other vehicles is that you end up saving on the freight costs.  

A disadvantage of shipping vehicles consolidated in a single container is that it increases the chance of damage during transportation. In addition, if the container contains vehicles of different owners, it will cause delays due to auditing and finalizing international shipping documents relating to the ownership of the concerned vehicles.

On a final note, remember that U.S. customs does not recognize an ocean shipping agents' container freight service for vehicles as an LCL ocean freight service.  International shipment of  vehicles in containers is treated differently from LCL (Less than container load) sea freight services.

LCL ocean freight is used for shipping of crated, boxed, and palletized cargo through the ocean. Shipment of  vehicles in containers, on the other hand, is treated as FCL (Full Container Load). The Shipping rates and inspection procedure of FCL cargo is also different compared to LCL cargo.  


Ro Ro Services

Roll-on-Roll-off Shipping Services and Rates

Auto4export has resources to offer miscellaneous transportation services that include the RoRo service. RoRo (roll on roll off) service is the kind  where the cargo can be rolled on and off the vessel.

RO-RO in international shipping means, "Roll On/Roll Off". RO-RO vessels transport motorized vehicles - cars, boats, trailers, small-wheeled construction machines etc. That are driven on and off the ship using a platform or on their own wheels. RO-RO vessels have built-in ramps through which the cargo is rolled on and off the ship when docked at port.

International RO-RO shipping service is an alternative to shipping motorized vehicles in multimodal sea freight containers. For shipment of oversized wheeled cargo, such as heavy trucks, trailers, cranes, excavators, railway carriages etc., RO-RO sea freight carrier is the only option for international ocean freight shipment.

Instructions for Shipment of Motorized Vehicles Using RO-RO Service

Motorized vehicles must be accompanied with ignition keys and should be in running condition, have no loose or missing body, broken windows or overheating engine prior to loading them on the RO-RO vessel. If a motorized vehicle shipped via RO-RO vessel is not in running condition, then extra charges would have to be paid to the RO-RO freight service provider for towing of the vehicle.

In addition, any motorized vehicle that is to be shipped using RO-RO service must be filled with a max of 1/2 tank of gas. Some shipping agents recommend filling the motorized vehicle tank with 1/4 tank of gas.

Proper safety instructions should be taken when shipping motorized vehicles on trailers such as jet skies and shipping boats etc. International safety requirement for shipment of motorized vehicles on trailers is similar to international shipping of cars in multimodal sea freight containers.

Note: If you are shipping motorized vehicles using RO-RO freight service, you CANNOT place anything inside the vehicle other than factory installed equipment. Moreover, international RO-RO freight providers do not take any responsibility for any spare parts placed inside the motorized vehicle.

International Shipping Rates and Charges for using RO-RO Freight Service

International shipping rates and charges for RO-RO service differs and depends on the type and size of vehicle and standards set by the freight service provider. The initial shipping rates are generally based on overall volume of the shipment in cubic meters (CBM) or cubic feet (CBF). These rates are usually quoted in lump sum US$ amount. 

A special ocean freight rate matrix is used to quote shipping rates and charges for motorized vehicles based on its total volume.  .  Rate may further be subject to BAF and CAF, which means an adjustment in rates based on fluctuation of oil prices and currency exchange rates. 

One final point to note is that the international RO-RO shipment will be measured at SSL's (Steam Ship Line), an international shipping company, pier. If the overall dimension of the RO-RO shipping unit differs from dimensions provided by your freight service provider at the time of booking the shipment, then charges may be added and deducted from total RO-RO shipping cost. 

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