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Finding the car you want for the right price can be a challenge. However with our vide variety of vehicles to choose from, from endless auctions, you are guaranteed to find the vehicle that you have always envisioned at Auto4Export. Our “Search” page provides a vast list of the vehicles that are available for purchase for export [here]. If you can’t find what you are searching for, then please reach out to us! Auto4Export can help you and personally assist you with your car search. Click here à to fill out the form.


Eliminate the hassle, uncertainty, and even potentially risky payment to an unknown individual. Going through Auto4Export, a verified and trusted car exporting company, will ensure for a secure payment, the actual shipping of the vehicle, and the paperwork is diminished.


Once you have located and purchased a car from our vast variety of vehicles from our databases, the process will begin. Auto4Export will arrange the most smooth, hassle-free, and accommodating shipping for your vehicle. As the title is received from the auction or dealership that the vehicle is being exported from, it will take five to ten business days. Note: estimated loading time of the car depends on a number of factors such as how many other vehicles or transfers are shipping at that given time, if there is adequate space for the car, and consolidation availability in the required direction. After the car has been loaded into the designated shipping container, you, our valued buyer and customer, will receive the container number as well as the steam ship line name and a link to the website where you can track your car with the estimated date of arrival of the shipping container.