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Are you in the market for a boat? Need a method of transportation via the water? A boat is a watercraft of any size that is designated solely for transportation via the water. There are small boats that are typically found on inland lakes or in various protected coastal areas. There are other boats that are called whaleboats, and they were designed for operating from a ship in an offshore area. Boats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and have different uses. There are canoe boats, fishing boats, pleasure boats, ski boats, pontoon boats, sailboats, houseboats, and lifeboats as well.

There are unpowered boats, or boats that require manual power. Unpowered boats include boats such as rafts, floats, canoes, kayaks, gondolas, and boats that are propelled by poles. There are also sailboats, which are only propelled by the means of sailing. There are motorboats, that require mechanical means, and have different types of engines. Ski boats are motorboats that are specifically designed to safely have one or more water skiers. These typically have a higher horsepower, they also have a marine automobile engine, and a direct drive to the propellor.

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