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Are you thinking of purchasing  new,used or damaged motorcycles from USA?

Are you having issues with motorcycle shipping export? You’ve come to the right place.

The United States offers a lucrative market for motorcycles and bikes. Home to various vehicles from numerous manufacturers, motorcycle auctions across the US make the ideal places to visit should a need from mentioned vehicles arise. Here’s why:

  • Buying motorcycles from US auctions for export provide customers a wide range of options. Some customers know exactly what they want, but are not sure where to find it. Others are unsure what they want, but are hopeful that they’ll find it there. Auctioned motorcycles, motorbikes and other vehicles in the US carry a huge database for customers to choose from. So whether you’re just trying to see what catches your fancy, comparing notes with various brands or models, or dead-set to find and purchase your vehicle of choice, you’re likely to find it in the US.
  • The cost is much more affordable. The US market carries the most competitive and affordable motorcycle prices. Whether you’re a first-time motorcycle buyer or a seasoned one looking to add more to his collection, motorcycle auctions in the US will give you the best value for your money.
  • Auctioned motorcycles and other vehicles are in good running condition. US online cars auctions are very particular about the conditions of auctioned vehicles. Its strict regulations ensure customers that vehicles reaching the final list are in excellent condition. Furthermore, salvaged motorcycles are often auctioned in designated sites, preventing the chance of mix-ups or inclusion run-down motorcycles.

Now that you know that buying a motorcycle from the US is quite a deal, how do you begin looking for the motorcycle of your dreams? We can help you to buy and export from US any types of motorcycles : standarts, cruiser, sport bikes, touring, sport touring, dual touring, dual-sport, scooters, mopeds and off-roda bikes. 

Auto4Export is committed to provide customers assistance in finding the right vehicle at the right price. Auto4Export has the resources to search through US auctions as well as dealerships to help you find the right motorcycle for you. Simply contact us  or fill up the form in the website indicating the details of the motorcycle or vehicle you want.

Once Auto4Export found your dream motorcycle, and paid for it, the company will also assist with the shipping.

  • We conduct motorcycle shipping export so you’ll receive your purchased motorcycle safe and sound, no matter where you are. The company has the resources to successfully pull off a shipping procedure, from its experienced personnel, complete paperworks and numerous warehouses.
  • The company is also in partnership with various freight and cargo companies, equipped with surveillance equipment and tracking system so you’ll know exactly where your shipment is at in a given point of time. Furthermore, only experienced personnel will handle, load, unload and transport your motorcycle so you receive it in excellent condition in the port or railway station of your choice.

With Auto4Export's extensive vehicle purchasing as well as domestic and international transport, you know that your purchased vehicle is competitively-priced and handled safely until it reaches to you.