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What is an ATV and What is it For?

All-terrain vehicles are vehicles specifically designed to withstand the stresses of various terrains. Unlike other automobiles which where engineered for flat concrete roads, ATVs are more useful in the unleveled terrains of the farm or travelling through snow and swamps.

ATVs are also called quad bikes, four-wheelers or three-wheelers. It is an ATV’s physical design to let the driver straddle the body of the vehicle, like that of a motorcycle; operating with handlebars and low-pressure tires. ATVs were designed to handle only the operator, but some manufacturers have come up with models that can accommodate another passenger. 

Sport ATVs may have different design than that of a utility 4 Wheeler, so it is best to determine the main purpose of buying one before anything else. It is also important to note that some countries such as the US, Canada and Australia prohibit the use of ATVs in the streets, but they can always be used year-round in the confines of your farm.

Choosing and Buying an ATV

If you need a vehicle that will transport you to different areas of your property (as long as legally acceptable in your country) with rocky, swampy or snowy terrain, getting an ATV is highly recommended. ATVs can typically travel up to 12 inches of snow and can handle the pressure of unleveled roads, hill-climbing and descending.

If you are considering buying an Four Wheeler, it is important to consider the purpose for buying and financial standing. However, if a brand new ATV can’t seem to make the cut with regards to your budget, you can always find one from various 4 Wheeler auto auction.

Before you buy an new or used ATV, you must have some knowledge about the vehicle. If not, but are interested in purchasing, a reliable person must help you decide if you are indeed getting a good deal.

If you are buying an ATV from USA, it is best to find a reliable seller that can procure an ATV with good running condition and performance for a great price. Auto4Export is a company composed of expert agents who can help you find, choose and negotiate for an ATV you like, as well as ship the vehicle to your home address.

Buying an ATV with Auto4Export

If you want to buy ATV for export, then the best place to look is at the different online vehicle auctions in the US. Our agents are authorized to negotiate at all auctions in the country, giving you a wider option when it comes to type, model and price. Furthermore, our agents have the trained eye to inspect an ATV when it comes to performance and the need for potential repairs. We will help you arrive at a more educated decision if the deal is worth your money. If not, we can always keep looking until you find the one.

After purchasing the ATV of your choice, you will now need to go through ATV shipping. Auto4Export can handle this for you as well, so you only need to show up the receiving port or station at your home country, and you’ll receive your ATV in mint condition along with its important documents.

An ATV is a very useful vehicle especially if you own a wide property with rough terrain. Shop for an ATV from our auctions now and contact Auto4Export to get your purchase in order.