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Used cars

Used Cars for Export from the USA

If you are looking to purchasing a used car, you should definitely look at the many models present in the United States. The following will tell you why it is beneficial to get a second hand car from the United States:

  • The US has the largest market of automobiles in the world today and has cars of manufacturers from all parts of the world
  • The high competition level amongst the different manufacturers in the automobile industry keeps the prices competitive
  • The automobile market has a very good working organizational structure which ensures that almost all deals are guaranteed to go through 100% with no unnecessary delays 
  • The authenticity of the bargain is maintained by cross-checking all the information with the CARFAX database which consists of information about every car that is manufactured in the country
  • American cars are generally kept in excellent condition since the roads there are well-maintained and also because of the fact that car insurance laws in the US require compulsory auto maintenance for car owners.
  • Prices for cars in auctions are generally 10-20 percent less than what you will find in a dealership
  • To ensure that the bargain stays secure and safe, all auction participants are thoroughly checked out
  • Only those cars make it to the final auction list which are maintained in excellent condition so that there is no chance left for selling a vehicle that is run down
  • All data about the car’s history such as its model year and make, the number of owners it has had and the current mileage it can give is presented to the auction participants
  • Salvaged vehicles are auctioned off at designated sites.