The ordering process


How to buy vehicle from the US?

Stage 1: Searching for the Right Vehicle

There are different models and makes that represent the USA auto market. Our company has extensive experience dealing with the buying all kinds of cars and vehicles from different dealerships and auctions all across the country. The experts at our company will assist you in making the right choice of vehicle based on your budget restrictions and requirements.

You will need to do the following things during the initial stage of the process:

  • Locate the car or vehicle of your choice from the large database that we provide to our clients on our website. There are also options of sending us a request or link from other sources to our email that will tell us about the kind of vehicle you are in need of.
  • Agree to the terms of the Purchase Order Agreement and deposit the payment guarantee amount.
  • The initial deposit is never less than a 1000$ and it can be refunded in case you change your mind about purchasing the car.

There are different options for making the deposit and these include:

  • Direct deposit into our company’s bank account
  • PayPal Transfer (Additional fee of +3%).

It will normally take around two to three weeks to find a vehicle that meets your specifications. If you are looking to acquire a vehicle from the auction, you have to tell us the highest bid amount and we will acquire it for you. If you are looking to get a vehicle from a dealership, you have to tell us its location and we will use our resources to get the vehicle at a great discount offer for you.

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